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Progesterone: Too Much of a Good Thing?

Bio-identical progesterone isn’t without risk By: Marika Geis, ND Ask anyone suffering from extreme PMS or early menopause if they’ve benefited from bio- identical hormones and they’ll tell you that along with B vitamins, Fish oil, Chaste-tree, seed rotations, calcium/magnesium, liver and adrenal support, bio-identical progesterone was a game changer. The benefits of bio-identical progesterone […]

Film Review: Jeffrey Smith’s Genetic Roulette

By Dr. Marika Geis, BSc, ND A couple of months ago I came across a film that can only be described as a public service announcement. The spirit of common sense that keeps us wearing our seatbelts andfrom getting behind the wheel while under the influence will be the same that makes your resolution for […]

The Benefits of Water in Your Life

By: Marika Geis, BSc, ND Beverage wars. With the multitudes of choices out there, sodas, ‘vitamin water’, sugar laden antioxidant juices, white teas promoting ‘anti-aging’ benefits, it’s a safe bet that water remains the healthiest choice. However, when it comes to water, consumers often are faced with mixed messages. You’re making a healthier choice sure, […]

Chronic Yeast: Why Does This Keep Happening?

The impact of hormones on vaginal immunity. By Dr. Marika Geis For most women, yeast infections are nothing new. We know that if we take a prescription of antibiotics for a sinus infection that just won’t go away, we run the risk of getting a yeast infection. As doctors, we also know that those who […]

Japan Does Not Want Any More American Wheat

More Questions Raised About the Modern-Day ‘Staff of Life’: Japan Refuses to Import US Wheat By: Dr. Marika Geis, ND The future of the U.S. wheat industry looks a bit uncertain as of the end of May, 2013. Japan, upon the discovery of a genetically modified strain of ‘white wheat’ coming from Oregon, announced that […]

Ever Our Faithful Servant: The Liver

Where would we be without you? Dr. Marika Geis, BSc, ND The natural medicine of today is a far different animal than it was a generation ago. In a society hungry for alternatives to conventional medical practices, ‘natural medicine’ has come to include any method that avoids the use of pharmacotherapy. With Dr. Oz touting […]

Demystifying Fever

by Dr Marika Geis ND There’s nothing quite like waking up to a screaming child at 3 am and discovering that they have a fever. Half asleep, the worry creeps in; there’s no cough, no sniffles, no apparent discomfort, only the disconcerting cries of your child and what feels like a forehead about to burst […]

Embracing Chicken Pox

By Dr Marika Geis I have to admit that I felt some apprehension about writing this article. The issue of vaccination is contentious; it’s difficult to find a parent or health care professional with an unbiased opinion regarding immunization. That said, I thought I’d tackle one of the simpler vaccines in that the decision to […]

Kootenai Health News 1

Clinic News The Doctor Is In! After several extended absences from clinical practice, I am pleased to announce that my baby growing days are behind me and I am ready to shift my focus back to my practice. It is only by your unwavering support and encouragement that I have been able maintain my practice […]